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And for those who don't know me: I'm a German-born female, now living in England, married, no kids, one dog - passionate about my faith, my crafts and environmental living.

26 Jul - Shoulder Problem

2015 07 26 shoulder

Ok, a somewhat unusual "Selfie"...but wanted to include this most annoying happening in my diary: a couple of days ago I woke up with soaring pains in my shoulder and could hardly move my arm. Luckily I got a short notice appointment with the local osteopath who was very helpful and sympathetic. After 1 1/2 hours of various treatments and with the shoulder strapped up with tape I was sent off to spend the weekend with hot and cold compresses (which, having two weddings to sing, wasn't straightforward). It's slowy improving (I think) and not hurting too much as long as I avoid certain movements and don't carry anything but still not great for singing in the service this morning - one pang made me clean miss an entry in the Panis Angelicus... But, first time ever that I was grateful for the automatic setting in the Yellow Peril!

23 Jul - "Raise the Roof" Concert

2015 07 23 concert

Today I got a surprise impromptu invitation from my fabulous friend Louise to accompany her and son Alex to the Cathedral's big fundraising concert: "Raise the Roof" - over 100 local musicians including many professionals and semi-professionals (including our new Bishop on the bassoon and also the Vicar of Chertsey on the violine) offering a stunning performance of some amazing BIG music. It was simply fantastic. Fizz for the Meet the Musicians apres was also nice...

20 Jul - Ladybird Lunch

2015 07 20 ladybird

It is so nice to have some consecutive sunny days - they really make me enjoy my daily walks! Today's camera booty was this ladybird, caught in the act of lunch - nothing like a nice fat aphid to suck dry... And he's got himself a full larder there: look at the stem of the plant! (Close-up below!)

25 Jul - German Style Wedding

2015 07 25 wedding

And another unusual wedding to sing at, this time in Sunninghill. The bride was from Germany and clearly her family had had a hand in the planning of the occasion. It's been a long time since I've seen a church full of ladies in long dresses and men in tailcoats and tuxedos! The service was beautiful (although the "family musicians" were rather a diappointment I thought, except for a wonderful piece competently played on the clarinet) with Signing of the Register on the High Altar. The bride was beautiful, too, in a  medievally inspired dress. There's worse things to do of a Saturday afternoon - although I have to admit that singing one of the most famous German hymns again for the first time in well over 20 years made me all emotional...

22 Jul - Party Stash

2015 07 22 bottles

The house is getting decidedly overloaded, and for once it's not Sean's stash - party goods for the Big Birthday Bash next Saturday at Woodlands...

19 Jul - Golden Butterfly

2015 07 19 butterfly

Another sunny day and a tour through another meadow (Barbrook Fields). There were dozens of these small gold coloured butterflies and they were reasonably obliging in sitting down often and long, so I got some good shots... As usual, don't know what it is called. (Part open photo below.)

24 Jul - Wedding Deluge

2015 07 24 wedding

In the choir for the next wedding at St Mary's Church - Helena and Kieran. The wedding was both as informal and as colourful as the Order of Service suggests - followed by a garden party at the bride's home just down the road. So sad the weather didn't cooperate: it was a deluge of rain all afternoon. Luckily it did not seem to dampen their spirits and Helena with her flaming redhead looked fabulous in a 50s style dress - long time since I've seen a short wedding dress.

21 Jul - Pretty Thistles

2015 07 21 thistle

Another glorious lunchtime walk: to the other side of the Barbrook Fields. There are lots of stately thistles there - a bit spikey if you get too close but rather beautiful. (Different type of thistle below.)

18 Jul - Meadow Walk

2015 07 18 flowers

The meadows are full of pretty flowers and interesting critters now. This was a lucky shot of a stately big  bloom being approached by...a hoverfly? Beefly? It nibbled on the wing...